SRIM announces the retirement of Glen Williams

June 17, 2015

At this time SRIM is announcing the retirement of Mr. Glen Williams at the end of June 2015. . Glen has decided to spend more time with family and friends and on his passions outside the Insurance industry.

Glen has had a very pronounced and highly successful career as a lawyer and an Insurance person. Glen has contributed to the growth, success and professionalism within the Insurance Industry and we can never say enough about his contributions. He has taken on the role of mentor and leader in the last number of years and has developed some young individuals into first class Insurance leaders.

It is our hope that Glen will work with us on a consulting basis going forward on specific and difficult risks. Something that he is clearly known for.

Please join us in wishing Glen a very successful entry into the next stage of his life.

Please review the BC Broker magazine this month for a full article and outline of Glen’s very successful career.

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