Mark Woodall



President & CEO

Mark Woodall Previously spent 12 years as a partner at Pritchard Woodall & Associates. Mark has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Through Mark’s 30 years of experience in the industry he has received the AIIC and CRM qualifications. He has extensive experience in both claims adjusting and underwriting.

Mark’s career in the insurance industry began right after graduation from York University . Mark’s original intention was to article and become a Chartered Accountant. It was during a graduation wine and cheese function that he managed to wow a recruiter from the Allstate Insurance Company. The next morning he awoke to 2 job offers, the salary offered by Allstate beat out all his other offers and thus Mark began his career in the insurance industry. Mark completed an 18 month management training program, to be a Commercial Underwriter. Shortly after, Mark realized the Underwriting side of insurance was not for him and took a job as a field adjuster at Safeco Insurance Consultants.

It was at Safeco where Mark discovered his niche as an adjuster and within a year and a half he was promoted to Canadian Property Supervisor. After two years of employment at Safeco Mark decided to make a switch and received a job at Fireman’s Fund as the Property Claims Manager for Canada .. Mark spent the following 7 years at Fireman’s Fund. Through his years there, he progressed to Branch Manager in charge of underwriting and claims operation. With the help of his staff of 55, they managed to achieve a sales volume of over $30,000,000, an unprecedented number at the time. With the beginning of a new decade came new career opportunities for Mark. In 1990 he was hired as Assistant Vice-President of ISRM Ltd, an independent adjusting firm with five separate offices. During his time there, he progressed to Senior Vice-President and COO, directly handling the general claims division.

After 4 and one half years with ISRM, Mark decided to take the leap to ownership. Following multiple meetings with Vince Pritchard, now a close friend and colleague of Mark’s, Mark became a partner of Pritchard & Associates. The company was renamed Pritchard Woodall & associates shortly after. Over the next 12 years, Pritchard Woodall saw considerable expansion in Western Canada . At its peak Pritchard Woodall employed close to 30 independent adjusters in 6 different offices. During the August 2003 Kelowna forest fires, Mark and Pritchard Woodall played a very significant role in the reestablishment of the community. Mark work with the local fire authorities and the representatives of the insurance industry to co-ordinate the handling on many total loss claims.. Pritchard Woodall handled 83 total residential losses over 1/3 of the total. On top of that they handled multiple wineries and commercial buildings damaged by the fires. Mark personally handled the reestablishment of the communication towers on the mountainside. To this day Mark considers this as one of the high points of his career. After the sale of Pritchard Woodall to SCM Adjusters in October 2006, Mark made the switch to the underwriting side with the purchase of Sports-Can Insurance Consultants.

Over the years Mark’s excellent public speaking abilities have been a keystone to his success. He has delivered countless speeches, presentations and has been a speaker at all levels of Industry training and leadership. He is a regular speaker at Provincial Sports Associations and is a former instructor for the insurance institute. In 1998 Mark received an award for the Instructor of the year from the insurance institute.

Mark was born in Saskatoon but not long after the family packed up to follow his father’s job. They relocated to Winnipeg , Manitoba where he spent his elementary school years. For high school the family picked up and moved again. They relocated to Toronto Ontario , it was through these multiple moves that Mark developed an uncanny ability to adapt to his surroundings and respond to change. Throughout school Mark’s father, an Accountant by profession, instilled planning and organizational skills in all of his children. Although Mark did not follow his Father into the accounting world, he was able to apply the skills throughout his career in the insurance industry.

Since high school, education has always been important to Mark. He received a BA in Economics from York University in Ontario in 1978 which kick-started his career. In 1990 he received an AIIC Designation from the insurance Institute of Canada and in 1992 he completed the Canada Risk Management Diploma program and received his CRM Designation. All three of these achievements have played their own role in developing Mark not only as a businessman but as a person.

In his early years Mark was a sports enthusiast; Playing on Hockey, Football and Baseball teams as well as almost every other sport on the side; as one of 5 children Mark never had to look far for a pick up game. This is one of the factors that attributed to Marks abilities as a strong team leader and fostered his results oriented nature. Today Mark is an avid golfer and a professional sports enthusiast. It is rare to hear anything other than Team 1040 on the drive to work.

Mark has made an effort to help out in the community where ever he can; whether it be organizing charity programs through his company or going down to the front lines to volunteer. Most recently Mark volunteered for the 2009 winter games as a communications coordinator and plans to hold a similar position during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Last year Mark developed a Sports-Can Charity program which donated to numerous charities including over 50 backpacks packed with school supplies to the Surrey food bank.

When Mark is not working he enjoys working out in his home gym, golfing when ever its not raining, playing games on the computer, or just lounging at home watching Sports,. Mark is also an avid traveler, he and his wife, Judy McKague, enjoy laying by the beach in Maui or seeing the world on a cruise ship. Another of his favourite destinations is Las Vegas , where has been going for years with the same group of friends for a traditional yearly visit.


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