Kidnap & Ransom

For those traveling or living in countries of higher risk, Kidnap & Ransom coverage should be considered.

Our world is becoming increasingly unstable where Kidnap, Ransom, Extortion have become real concerns for companies and their employees. The media regularly report the kidnap of an employee or aid worker somewhere in the world. However the reality is that over 90% of kidnaps do not become public knowledge. While Brazil, Columbia, Iraq, Mexico, Philippines, Chechnya, Nigeria and Venezuela are some of the known hotspots, there is no entirely safe area in the world.

The effect of the Kidnap is felt not only by the victim and their family, but also by the employer or organization where the victim is affiliated. There is a moral obligation to meet the ransom demand for an employee who was put in harm’s way. Also the loss of a key person can have a profound effect on the company’s ability to continue business in a particular area. Of course, the financial loss of funds paid as ransom.

We offer a complete insurance solution. Some features include but are not limited to:

  • Stand alone Kidnap & Ransom policy
  • Reimbursement for any ransom paid following a Kidnap or Extortion demand
  • Loss of ransom money in transit is covered
  • Psychiatric and medical costs
  • Fees of the Independent Negotiators
  • Personal Accident benefits for loss of limb, extremity, sight, death
  • Worldwide protection
  • Broad definition of a covered person to include immediate family, guests, directors, step-foster and adopted children

Also available as optional extensions to the policy are:

  • Computer virus loss of earnings
  • Loss of earnings
  • Emergency political repatriation and relocation expenses

Crisis Intervention

One of the major features of this benefit is immediate access to specialist security consultants with a proven track record in incident management. A team of consultants is assigned to an incident often within 24-hours. They will remain assigned until resolution. This is the key to this insurance. For details of the consultants attached to our product, visit:

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