War Risk Only

With travel to high risk countries and concern over the exclusions in the domestic insurance, we can provide benefits designed to cover war or terrorism only.

At Special Risk Insurance Managers we offer expatriate benefits to various groups and individuals. There are also situations where a company may or may not have expatriates in their employ, but it does have employees, who travel frequently, sometimes to areas where there is civil unrest or war risk.

Under most Domestic Insurance policies (AD&D, Medical, Short and Long Term Disability) there are exclusions for War (declared or undeclared), Riot, Terrorism, Civil Unrest, etc.We can design policies to mirror and compliment the Domestic policy closely. We provide coverage for the War Risk and thus eliminating this potential liability.

Policies are priced on anticipated travel patterns and countries of destination. We can even provide set costs for the coverage, avoiding hidden deposits and unclear pricing.

For a quote, please provide company profile including details of employees who travel and provide an excel spreadsheet incorporating the following:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Start & End date of trip
  • Destination
  • Salary
  • Benefits Required

We would welcome the opportunity to provide a “War Risk” quote. We believe you will be extremely satisfied with our approach.

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