SRIM is the result of a collaboration between four niche market providers: Sports-Can Insurance Consultants Ltd, Special Risk Insurance Brokers Ltd, Special Risk International, and NG Williams & Associates Ltd.

Established in 1994 by Conrad Speirs, Sports-Can broke into the niche product market by developing specialty insurance packages designed to meet the needs of the individual client specifically for the sports, leisure, and entertainment industry. In 2006 Mark Woodall transitioned to become the President and CEO of Sports-Can which led to the expansion of their risk appetite. Mark had also purchased Special Risk International during this time based out of Ontario which addresses the need for tailored international and employee benefits coverage when insured’s are working outside of Canada.

Special Risk Insurance Brokers Ltd. was established in 1991 designed to deal with the hard to place risks at a time when there were few other MGA’s around and the domestic insurers were uninterested in taking on such difficult and sometimes obscure risks. Tom Willie who started as just a teenager in the family business working under his father at SRIB would later become owner in 2005. Mark Woodall and Tom Willie knew each other from their years in the industry which later led to them becoming partners in 2010. They operated both companies, Sports-Can & SRIB separately until the official amalgamation of Special Risk Insurance Managers in 2013.

NG Williams & Associates Ltd. was originally founded in 1986 by Nigel Williams under the name Williams Lemon & Associates which was a sister company to Harlock Williams Lemon. When HWL & Associates was sold in the mid 80’s the name WLA was changed to NG Williams & Associates. Nigel established NG Williams to handle hard to place risks with his specialty lying in marine cargo. Over the years they became known as a leader in Forestry related risks as well. Mark Woodall & Tom Willie purchased NG Williams in 2014 at the time of Nigel’s retirement from the industry.

As an MGA, Special Risk Insurance Managers has entered into contracts with a number of the world’s largest insurers to act on their behalf. With full autonomy, within these contracts, SRIM has the ability to provide quotes, issue policies and manage claims within the highest industry standards. SRIM remains a true Canadian MGA independently owned and operated with locations in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario.



Special Risk Insurance Managers specializes in providing innovative insurance products and programs that meet the needs of today’s Canadian specialty insurance product market. Coverage not included in their traditional home, life or auto insurance policies. In today’s world we see more and more situations where a traditional policy does not sufficiently meet the needs of the client. These trends have led to a growth in the insurance industry and have often made it difficult for a broker to find the correct coverage for their client. Special Risk Insurance Managers prides ourselves on being able to fit clients with the products that will best suit their needs quickly and at the best price possible.

SRIM is pleased to be able to provide a complete selection of insurance coverage for all aspects of these diverse activities. From planning through implementation, we can provide annual or term insurance in any of the following products:

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Accident (AD & D or Volunteer)
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Property
  • Host Liquor Liability
  • Travel & Travel Medical
  • Municipal Facilities Users Liability
  • Tenant Users Liability
  • Disability
  • Hard to Place Residential
  • Marine Insurance
  • Motor Truck Cargo


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