Claims Reporting

Here at SRIM, we consider our claims service to be a leader in the industry. We strive to provide quick and efficient claims handling. We want to “ensure” your claims experience is efficient and well understood.

Here at SRIM we have in excess of 60 years of claims management and claims handling experience.

REPORT A CLAIM – Vince Pritchard

Property Claim

What do I do if I have a property claim?

  1. If you have damage to your building or contents, you should secure the building.
  2. If you have had a burglary or theft, you should secure the building, make a list of what was taken.
  3. You should immediately notify the Police and make note of the Officer’s name and the Police case number.
  4. Track down your receipts or invoices for items that are damaged or stolen.
  5. If you have had a water damage claim, turn off the water source if possible. Remove damaged items from water if possible.
  6. You should immediately call your broker. Your broker has the authority to assign an Independent Insurance adjuster after hours to assist your claim.
  7. Then you should relax, as we will assist you with your claim.

Liability Claim

If someone is injured while attending at your business or is injured as a result of work you have done, you should immediately take notes which should consider the following.

  • Did the person slip and fall? if so, what foot wear did they have on?
  • Were they carrying anything at the time they fell?
  • Who witnessed the fall?
  • Was there anything or substance on the floor that contributed to the fall?
  • What were the weather conditions?
  • Were emergency services required?
  • Did you talk to the person before or after the fall? What was said?
  • Do not admit any liability, either verbally or in writing.

Immediately report any injury to your broker so that a proper investigation can be completed. It is very important to complete an investigation early. Utilize the expertise from the SRIM claims department to avoid surprises later.

Marine Claim

In the event you experience a marine claim, you should immediately secure the boat to protect it from any further damage. If another boat or vessel is involved in the mishap, be sure to record the names of the owner, operator and passengers.

Complete the marine claim form and then contact your broker

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