Sports Accident Claims

Important information regarding accident claims:

Notification of claims must be submitted within 30 days of the incident occurring.

Claims paperwork must be signed and completed by the individual claimant or their parent/guardian before they can be considered.

All notification of claims must be signed off by a team official or executive.

The policy as purchased by the association is secondary to any primary insurance available , it is the claimants responsibility to provide evidence that expenses are not covered by their primary insurance carrier.

All accident claims maintain a one year time limit from the date of the incident.

All accident claims if eligible are paid on a reimbursement basis and are payable to the claimant or their parent/guardian. It is the claimants’ responsibility to pay for services in relation to the incident then submit the receipts to our office for review.

In the case of dental claims please ensure that corresponding procedure codes are referenced on receipts submitted to our office


Forms to submit in the event of a loss:

Other Insurance Declaration Form

Standard Accident Reporting Form

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